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How to Play - Lord of the Flies Online

How to Play

Teachers are the island gods and goddesses - all decisions and outcomes are ultimately decided by the teachers.

Your task is to survive on a deserted island for duration of your reading of Lord of the Flies. If you can make it the entire duration of the novel, then you win! Your survival will be decided upon a number of factors - some results from your own actions, and others entirely random:

If at any time during this activity someone in your group dies, becomes ill, or is harmed in any way, then she or he must act that way in group discussions and meetings. This means that if someone is ill or injured, that person cannot "virtually contribute" (virtual, because you're not actually on a deserted island) to gathering supplies or fortifying your camp; so when your group journals about what you would be doing on a specific day, you cannot assign those members tasks to do.

Group members who die can (and should) still contribute to group discussions, but they cannot contribute to actions the groups would take on the island. Once you die, you cannot return back to life, even if your group earns positive Health through journal entries.