English 104
Kolb Learning Style Inventory

 Note:  For those of you in Design 110, this test is not a substitute for the test booklet you should purchase and fill out; you should complete both the Kolb Learning Style Inventory booklet you bought at the bookstore for Design 110 and this online test for English 104.

The Kolb Learning Style Inventory basically helps to articulate your preferred style of learning. When looking at the results of this "test," you need to keep in mind that the purpose of the test is not to evaluate; the KLSI just helps you see in what ways you prefer to learn or learn best. You should also keep in mind that the KLSI tries to show you your preferred method of learning; you can and do learn in many different ways, not just the way these results describe. So, while the test may say you prefer to observe a situation from afar and reflect on your observations, there may very well be instances where you enjoy hands-on problem solving and working directly with other people.

On some of these questions, both answers may describe you quite well. Pick the answer that you feel describes you more than the other. If you don't answer all of the questions, the Inventory will not work correctly.

Others would describe me as serious, reserved, and formal.
Others would describe me as verbal, expressive, and informal.
I am difficult to get to know.
I am easy to get to know.
I am loud and outgoing.
I am quite and somewhat shy.
I make quick and bold decisions.
I make cautious and logical decisions.
I use facts to make decisions.
I use feelings to make decisions.
I am flexible and open minded.
I am careful and cautious.
I like to try new and different things without too much preparation.
I investigate a new topic or process in depth before trying it.
I plan events down to the last detail.
I like realistic, but flexible plans.
I speak slowly, after thinking.
I speak fast, while thinking.
I ask probing questions when learning a new subject.
I am good at picking up hints and techniques from other people.
I am rational and logical.
I am practical and down to earth.
I often produce off-the-cuff ideas that at first might seem silly or half-baked.
I am thorough and methodical.
I am happy to have a go at new things.
I draw up lists of possible courses of actions when starting a new project.
I like to get involved and to participate.
I like to read and observe.
I analyze reports to find the basic assumptions and inconsistencies.
I rely upon others to give me the basic gist of reports.
I prefer working alone.
I enjoy working with others.
I am normally the one who initiates conversations.
I enjoy watching people.
I like to know the right answers before trying something new.
I try things out by practicing to see if they work.