Writing for the World Wide Web
Upload / Download (FTP)
When you place a file in your WWW folder, it automatically becomes viewable to anyone who knows the address of that file. However, these people who can view your files cannot change them; they can only view them. You need the username and password to your ISU Vincent account to be able to log in and actually change files.

Uploading and downloading files from the server allows you to edit your HTML files anywhere you have an internet connection. From any computer that has the proper FTP software, you can log in to your Vincent account, download the file, edit the file, and then upload it back to the server with your WWW folder, so people can then view it on the internet. In this way, your WWW folder makes a handy place to not only put your finished HTML pages, but you can also store "in-progress" files there and edit them anywhere you like until they are ready to be linked and viewable on the internet.

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