Writing for the World Wide Web
Unix Commands
Here are some basic Unix commands that you might use if you prefer using a program like Telnet:
  • pico <filename>—edit a file named <filename>; if <filename> does not exist, it will create a new file called <filename>
  • ls—list the names of all your files and folders in the current directory
  • mv <oldname> <newname>—change name of a file from <oldname> to <newname>; this can also be used to move files from one directory to another
  • cp <fromfile> <tofile>—copy a file named <fromfile> to another file named <tofile>
  • rm <filename>—remove a file
  • mkdir <dirname>—make a subdirectory
  • rmdir <dirname>—remove an empty subdirectory
  • cd <dirname>—change your current directory to <dirname>
  • cd ..—change your current directory to the directory where you came from
  • cd—change your current directory to your root directory
There is also a more complete list with some additional explanations and examples at Unix notes, a resource page for Computer Science 227.

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